Products & Services

  • Standard Retaining wall Posts

    Pre-cut stock range 100-UC H-Posts, 100-PFC C-posts, 150-UC H-Posts, 150-PFC C-posts.
    Suitable posts depends on soil and ground conditions we recommend getting engineering and approvals on all walls over 1m high require engineering

    Wall Height 100UC 100PFC 100UC-with rio 150UC 150PFC
    0.4M 0.8M 0.8M 0.75M - -
    0.6M 1.2M 1.2M 1.15M - -
    0.8M 1.6M 1.6M 1.55M - -
    1.0M 2.0M 2.0M 1.95M - -
    1.2M 2.4M 2.4M 2.35M 2.4M 2.4M
    1.4M 2.8M 2.8M 2.75M 2.8M 2.8M
    1.6M 3.2M 3.2M 3.15M 2.8M 2.8M
    1.8M 3.6M - 3.55M 3.6M 3.6M
    2.0M 4M - 3.95M 4M 4M
  • Custom Retaining wall Posts

    Larger custom sizes 200-UC H-Posts, 200-UB H-Posts, 200-PFC C-posts & larger posts to suit design.

    Universal Beam H-post Universal Column H-post Parallel Flange Chanel C-post
    UNIVERSAL BEAM 150mm X 18.0kg/m UNIVERSAL COLUMN 150mm X 23.4kg/m PARALLEL FLANGE CHANNEL 100 X 50mm
    UNIVERSAL BEAM 180mm X 16.1kg/m UNIVERSAL COLUMN 150mm X 30.0kg/m PARALLEL FLANGE CHANNEL 125 X 65mm
    UNIVERSAL BEAM 180mm X 18.1kg/m UNIVERSAL COLUMN 150mm X 37.2kg/m PARALLEL FLANGE CHANNEL 150 X 75mm
    UNIVERSAL BEAM 180mm X 22.2kg/m UNIVERSAL COLUMN 200mm X 46.2kg/m PARALLEL FLANGE CHANNEL 180 X 75mm
    UNIVERSAL BEAM 200mm X 18.2kg/m UNIVERSAL COLUMN 200mm X 52.2kg/m PARALLEL FLANGE CHANNEL 200 X 75mm
    UNIVERSAL BEAM 200mm X 22.3kg/m UNIVERSAL COLUMN 200mm X 59.5kg/m PARALLEL FLANGE CHANNEL 230 X 75mm
    UNIVERSAL BEAM 200mm X 25.4kg/m UNIVERSAL COLUMN 250mm X 72.9kg/m PARALLEL FLANGE CHANNEL 250 X 90mm
    UNIVERSAL BEAM 200mm X 29.8kg/m UNIVERSAL COLUMN 250mm X 89.5kg/m PARALLEL FLANGE CHANNEL 300 X 90mm
    UNIVERSAL BEAM 200mm X 29.8kg/m UNIVERSAL COLUMN 310mm X 96.8kg/m PARALLEL FLANGE CHANNEL 380 X 100mm
    UNIVERSAL BEAM 250mm X 31.4kg/m UNIVERSAL COLUMN 310mm X 118kg/m
    UNIVERSAL BEAM 250mm X 37.3kg/m UNIVERSAL COLUMN 310mm X 137kg/m
    UNIVERSAL BEAM 310mm X 32.0kg/m UNIVERSAL COLUMN 310mm X 158kg/m
    UNIVERSAL BEAM 310mm X 40.4kg/m
    UNIVERSAL BEAM 310mm X 46.2kg/m
  • Fence Brackets

    Standard straight and offset brackets kept in stock. Custom designed brackets can be laser-cut to your design.

  • Special fabricated retaining wall posts

    Our fabrication team can fabricate and weld custom reinforced steel posts to suit any size and requirements. This may include large sound barrier posts required for large barrier walls in sound proofing.